ROCKLAND — The weather and scene were idyllic. Late morning and early afternoon at the height of summer on the coast of Maine. And what better way to celebrate as young sailors captain and crew small watercraft in a regatta named after an historic clipper ship.

Youth sailors were out in force on Saturday, Aug. 13 in Penobscot Bay’s and Rockland Harbor’s coves and inlets inside the breakwater.

Scene from youth sailing on Aug. 13 in Rockland Harbor. Photo by Ken Waltz

The Apprenticeshop hosted the 19th edition of the “Red Jacket” Regatta, sponsored by Maine Boats, Homes & Harbors.

The event was open to youth, ages 8 to 17. Sailors from The Apprenticeshop, St. George, Rockport Boat Club, Big Tree Boat of Islesboro and PYC participated in 420s and Optimists.

The regatta celebrated “the glory of the world famous clipper ship ‘Red Jacket,’ built in Rockland and launched in 1853 at the current location of The Apprenticeshop. On its maiden voyage in Jan. 1854, The Red Jacket sailed from New York to Liverpool [England]in 13 days; an incredible record that stood for over 100 years. This event connects our community to this proud piece of Maine history,” said Joao Strout-Bentes, youth programs director at the Apprenticeshop, which celebrates its 50th year.

Sailboat racers started off the Apprenticeshop dock and were, at times, visible from shore. It also was an opportunity for people to tour the Apprenticeshop campus, and to “see our young skippers and crews in their own little ships,” Strout-Bentes said.

There was an awards ceremony and informal barbecue for sailors and community at the conclusion of the event.

Rana Abess (Rockport Boat Club), Elias Kramer (Apprenticeshop) and Dionis Phelan (Rockport Boat Club) received sportsmanship awards.

The following are the participants, with a handful of full names unavailable, and rankings in the two divisions:

420s (with skipper and crew listed) — 1, PYC (Noelle Caola, Ewan Tennent); 2, PYC (Reid Garafoli, Alec Tennent); 3, St. George (William, Channing); 4, Big Tree Boat (Robert, Matt); 5, Apprenticeshop (Theo, Erin Betz); 6, Apprenticeshop (Josephine, Emil); 7, St. George (Liam, Phoebe); 8 PYC (Sarah Weisz, Evelyn LaCasse); 9, Rockport Boat Club (Rana Abess, Dionis Phelan); 10, Rockport Boat Club (Colton McKellar-Massey, Larson Castle); 11, St. George (Emmet, Evelyn); and 12, Big Tree Boat (Caleb, Ford).

Optimists (with skipper listed) — 1, Apprenticeshop (Elias Kramer); 2, Apprenticeshop (Oskar); 3, Apprenticeshop (Zack); 4, Apprenticeshop (Ray); and 5, Apprenticeshop (Serah).

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