NORTH HAVEN — Emily Lattimore, born Emily Sargent Lewis on June 13, 1931, to parents Wilfred Sargent Lewis and Carol Bodmer Lewis, passed away on June 23, 2022. Emily survived a major stroke in 2019, and was cared for by many people in the last three years; most especially by her daughter Maria. She would not have survived her stroke without the expert help of the North Haven EMS crew and clinic personnel. She kept her fine mind, and kept being herself all the way to the end. She was grateful for the additional years of life she was granted.

Emily was born in New York City and raised in New York and New Haven. From a baby-in-arms to an aged grandmother, she lived part of every year, all her life, at Jericho farm on the North Shore of North Haven, Maine. Jericho was essential to who she was.

Emily lived in the Thorndike building in Rockland, Maine, for thirty years after becoming the first resident there. Her apartment and her house were full of art supplies, writing materials, and a vast library of literature, art and psychology books. She worked on several novels and created dozens of fine paintings and sculptures. Almost every year, she sold a painting at the North Haven Library’s fundraising art show. And she followed in her mother’s footsteps by organizing and taking care of the simultaneous craft show. She also created scenery and imaginative props for the town’s annual theatrical productions. Some of these items came home at the end of the show; Mr. Hoskins from Arsenic and Old Lace graced the living room for many years.

She spent her high school years at the Putney School, in Vermont. At Putney she met David Lattimore, whom she married in 1951 after attending two years of Barnard College in New York City. She also studied psycholinguistics at the University Without Walls in Providence, and earned a certificate in art therapy from the American Society of the Psychology of Expression.

Emily and David married at 19, and had six children by the time they were 28. They also fostered two teenaged sisters for several years. When the children were young, she created a stable life for them, and gave them the freedom to wander, and wonderful meals to come home to. She would sit in the shade with her dog and her sketchpad for hours, drawing pictures as the tide ebbed and flowed and her children played on the beach.

“A wonderful lady from a vanished world has died. She led an extraordinary life. She left a legacy of kindness, love of beauty, beautiful and good children and many years of service to those less fortunate.”

Emily was predeceased by her parents and her youngest daughter, Rosette Lattimore.

She is survived by her former husband, David Lattimore; two sisters, Abigail Sugarman and Faith Johnson, along with Abigail’s sons, Daniel (wife Dorothy Wetzel, son and daughter Alexander and Flora) and Franz (wife Sharon Berger, and their boys Ollie and Sam); and Faith’s husband Gordon Johnson, and sons Nathaniel, Orlando, and Timothy (wife Katie and their daughter Darcy.)

Emily is survived by five of her six children and two foster daughters: Michael Lattimore (son Marco); Maria Lattimore Sheppard, (husband Shep and their son John); Margaret Lamar Whitehouse, (husband Douglas and daughter Mary Rose); Clare Lattimore; Mimi Lamar Taylor (husband Steve, daughter Rebecca and son Reilly); Anne Lattimore Price (husband Steve and their son and daughter Sam and Eleanor); Evan Lattimore (wife Jane along and sons, David and Dylan); and Rosette’s son, Rhodec Lattimore Erickson.