The Camden Lions, the South Thomaston Lions, and the Waldoboro Lions held a vision screening clinic during the Union Fair and Blueberry Festival in Union, July 27 to 30.

The Lions scanned 84 adults and children during the Fair and made six referrals. An evaluation referral report was printed for each discovered eye condition. This report will give an eye specialist an early opportunity to see exactly what the patient’s condition is.

According to the Lions Clubs, they, use a camera-like scanner that is safe, effective, and touch free.

During the screening process, a camera-like device called “SPOT” is used to detect six different eye problems to be further evaluated by an eye specialist. An image is taken of the eye with no touching or drops used. Those six eye conditions are Myopia (near-sightedness); Hyperopia (far-sightedness); Anisometropia (unequal refractive power); Astigmatism (blurred vision, eye structure issue); Anisocoria (pupil size deviations) and Strabismus (eye misalignment, gaze).

When children have an eye condition, it is difficult for them to follow classroom activities. The scan Lions use could allow those children to obtain better vision and an opportunity to improve in classrooms and in life in general.

For further information on how to set up a vision clinic in your area, call (Camden) John McKay at 975-0242, (South Thomaston) Ed Worthley at 542-2268, or (Waldoboro) Sandi O’Farrell at 542-9380.