Seemed like old times

Gibbs Library’s reception last week for artist Carol Sloane drew an enthusiastic group of art lovers, library regulars, and Carol Sloane fans. It was a perfect combination for a warm and fuzzy gathering, delicious refreshments, and really fine art. The exhibit is from Carol’s early work and employs a technique that still influences her. The show is up until the end of August. Thanks to Carol and the folks at Gibbs Library for the delightful afternoon.

Gallo speaker at 30th Lakes Meeting

Susan Gallo, Executive Director of Maine Lakes and former manager of Audubon’s Maine Loon Project, will speak about “Our Loons and Our Lakes” at the Washington Lakes Watershed Association Annual Meeting, Wednesday, Aug. 17. This annual meeting will be at the Corner Gallery in Washington Village. From 5-6 p.m. there will be time to enjoy photos from the contest and vote for your favorites in the photo contest exhibit. For the meeting from 6-7 p.m. the venue will switch to the canopied area. Susan Gallo will share news of loon counts and efforts to increase loon populations and loon protection efforts. She’ll also share information about the “LakeSmart” program and describe easy ways that willing lakeshore owners and lake visitors can protect water quality, wildlife habitat, and recreational opportunities for everyone. The annual business meeting will follow Susan’s talk. The meeting includes activity reports, the election of the board of directors, and an update on “trapdoor” snails. Refreshments will be served. Everyone is welcome to attend the Lakes Association’s 30th annual meeting.

Double star gazing

This Saturday, Aug. 13, early evening, the folk music trio Stargazing will be on hand at Pumpkin Vine Family Farm. Coming to you from the Haywagon Stage, the trio Katherine Liccardo, Matt Consul, and Chris Montmeny, on fiddle, mandolin and guitar, will perform from 7-8:30 p.m. This Folk Music Concert is open to all with no cap on number in attendance. Donations will be very much appreciated. [Note: Think about what a concert costs out in the “real” world. If your budget can give that, well, do it. If you have limited means, give what you can. This way the concert is available to all and supportive of the performers and presenters.] Bring something to sit on, maybe bug spray, and remember it gets cool outdoors as the sun goes down, so maybe a sweater.

Astronomy info and reservations

Following the concert on Aug. 13, in a separate event, there will be a limited capacity (30 participants) star gazing opportunity guided by astronomer Rebecca Spitz with her state of the art observational telescope. From 9-11 p.m., it’s a guided tour through space and close-up look at the almost full moon. Part 2 is also by donation but reservations are needed for this part of the evening to ensure that everyone gets time at the telescope. Go here for more info or reservations: There will be more stargazing events throughout the year, so stay tuned. Even better, please sign up for their newsletter at Rain date for both these events is Saturday, Aug. 20.

Little Kids Need Soccer Coaches

Beloved Coach Alison Leavitt is moving on after many years of coaching soccer with grades pre-kindergarten through Grade 2. Alison is passing the ball for fall 2022 to the next soccer mom or dad. Coaching at this grade level is fun. These kids are full of enthusiasm and want to learn. The coach will teach teamwork and listening skills as well as the basics of the game of soccer. After-school weekly practices will be on the outfield of Clyde Sukeforth Ballfield at Prescott Memorial School. Saturday round-robins are in Warren and scheduled by John Leach, Warren Recreation Director. All our coaches must have a background check. The Washington Recreation Committee will provide support with soccer sign-ups, ordering t-shirts and medals. Before we know it almost, kids will be going back (or starting) school and activities will begin. If you are interested in coaching elementary (aka beginner) soccer, please text: Alison Leavitt: (207) 505-5650, or email Peg Hobbs:

New old mosquito deterrent

On a fascinating website,, there is listed a recipe for the Paul Harvey Mosquitoes killer, presumably shared on one of his 30+ years of radio programs. The recipe is 1 large bottle mint flavored mouthwash, 3 cups Epsom Salts, and 3 12oz cans of cheap, stale beer. Mix it all up until the salts are dissolved. Pour it into a spray bottle and spray it on the area you hope to make mosquito-free. If this works, it’s a great idea for these long evenings out in the cool of the evening. Presumably again, it’s harmless to kids, pets and plants and lasts a couple of months. If anyone tries this, please report back how it works (or doesn’t). I will try it, too.

A plea

If you use your cell phone for an honest-to-goodness communication tool, please clear your voice mailbox on a regular basis. It’s easy to forget to do that, but hearing “The mailbox is full and cannot accept any calls . . .” is really frustrating. If you don’t want to be responsible for replying to voice messages, please don’t ask the caller to leave a message. Just sayin’.