THOMASTON — Thomaston Police Department announced a new traffic pattern at the intersection of Water and Green Streets Wednesday, Aug. 10, creating a three-way stop.

“Vehicles approaching this intersection will be required to come to a full stop at all three access points,” the department said. “Make sure you stop at them.”

The Thomaston Select Board directed Police Chief Tim Hoppe and Public Works Director Brandon Allen to install these stop signs and stencil necessary notifications on the roads during their Monday, Aug. 8 meeting.

The select board hoped this measure would curb speeding on these roads and prevent drivers from ignoring the stop signs. Residents have told the board speeding on back roads in town is a major issue. The board has previously discussed and implemented other possible solutions for speeding.

Allen wondered if drivers were really speeding, or if it simply appeared vehicles were speeding.

Board Chair Diane Giese said drivers definitely “tear down” Water Street, and “blow through” the stop sign.

Board member Pete Lammert said he noticed drivers do not stop for work zone stop signs either. Lammert wondered if the flaggers could mark the vehicles for police to later pull over and ticket.

Hoppe agreed that drivers were speeding on Water Street. He said Thomaston now has more permanent residents, so the roads are busier and many drivers are also using Water Street as a bypass.

Resident Peggy McCrea, who lives on Water Street, also confirmed there was speeding. She said a friend loaned her a radar gun and she had clocked a good majority of drivers going more than 25 mph. Some were even going as fast as 40 mph.

Board member Bill Hahn said he has nearly been clipped several times in the last few weeks pulling out of his driveway on Water Street, and he had plenty of visibility and left time for other drivers to see him.

Lammert asked if the public works department had a STOP stencil in order to alert drivers to the new stop sign.

Allen said they did not, but the town could adopt a stencil from Maine Department of Transportation or the town of Rockland.

Board member Zel Bowman-Laberge said she supported creating a three-way stop at the Water Street intersection, as the costs only involved three signs. “Based on the discussion, we think it will help,” Bowman-Laberge commented.

Hoppe said the town should also alert drivers with a STOP stencil on the road.

The board agreed, and included road notifications as part of the motion creating the three-way stop.

The full recording of the meeting can be viewed at The next select board meeting is Monday, Aug. 22 at 6 p.m.