My name is Sally Perkins, and I am the new Foster Coordinator at Pope Memorial Humane Society. Speaking of fostering, we have a shelter full of cats and kittens who could use some time in a home while they grow healthy and strong and old enough to be spayed and neutered and ready for a loving home.

Why should you foster?

Fostering kittens is therapeutic

Photo courtesy of Pope Memorial Humane Society.

Kittens will put a smile on your face. Their baby feline antics will continually have you laughing out loud. Kittens are usually working on their motor skills, playing, and exploring their environment. If you foster more than one (and we recommend you do!) you’ll love the way they groom and cuddle with one another. After a long day at work, a cuddly kitten will help you relax and feel serene — it’s been scientifically proven.

Fear of commitment? Then fostering kittens is perfect for you.

Fostering means you care for the kitten in your home, temporarily, until it is old enough to be put up for adoption. The length of time you have your kittens depends on their age when you get them.

Fostering saves lives.

There is nothing more satisfying than holding a purring fur-ball in your hand and knowing that because of you, this youngster will be able to grow up and have a home and family. For a small and pleasurable effort, few things in life yield such enormous results.

PMHS provides all the food, litter, crates, bedding, and everything you would need. If you are interested in fostering, please reach out to me at 594-2200. You can also fill in a foster application at

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Wish list: Wet pate style kitten food, 33-gallon trash bags, dry kitten food, bleach and gift cards to Walmart, Staples and other local businesses to purchase supplies for the shelter. Thank you.