Denise is a hard worker. When she was on the Select Board, she thoroughly read the information presented by the Town as well as researched outstanding questions. She continues to listen to input from residents and paid serious attention to testimony that came before the SB. She makes decisions based on the information and realities at hand. She is good for her word.

Denise values citizen input, in fact, seeks it out. She values previous election outcomes. Example: she did not support reviving the short-term rental question after the voters rejected the issue.

Denise cares deeply about a Rockport that is inclusive of all its citizens and that is a healthy and thriving community, economically and socially. She scrutinizes budgets and looks for ways to economize and save taxpayer dollars. She is concerned about the divisions in the town and wants to find ways for dialogue and civil discourse that will lead to solutions. She is vitally invested in living here and in working hard to build on what we have and to work to improve the areas of need.

Denise is an ethical, intelligent, and hardworking public servant. I hope you will join me in voting for her on or before Aug. 30.

Joan Welsh