Congratulations Camden.

You had a beautiful waterfall in the middle of your downtown, and you have turned it into an eyesore. For the last 250 years or so, Montgomery Dam has turned the river and created the falls where Megunticook River flows down over the ledge into the Harbor.

In addition to creating a beautiful sight, water flowing over the dam has mostly swept silt and soil off of the ledge, keeping weeds and scrub brush to a minimum. Also, by directing most of the water away from the seawall, the dam reduced wear and tear on the seawall.

Now somebody has decided to open the sluice gate full time and let the rest of the dam deteriorate. As a result, there is no more falls. Most of the water flows through the sluice gate, and down along the seawall. As anybody who bothers to look at the situation can see, this is undermining the seawall. What little water doesn’t flow through the sluice gate still does not flow over the dam. Because the dam has not been maintained for years, it has deteriorated to the point that water flows mostly over the south end towards the town landing, not over the ledge.

The result of all of this is that, since there are no falls to speak of, weeds are growing on more and more of the ledge and the entire area looks like a blighted eyesore. It is predictable that the weeds and scrub brush which are taking foothold on the ledge now will multiply, and soon turn into trees. The town clearly has no intention of removing or even trimming vegetation in the area, and heaven help any private citizen who tries to do so. As a result, the area is just going to continue to deteriorate.

Bottom line, Camden had a beautiful waterfall that cities all over the country would love to have in their downtown, Instead of maintaining and promoting it, Camden has turned it into an ugly mess.

Way to go Camden!

Tom Zumwalt