ROCKLAND — The Rockland City Council gave initial approval Monday night, Aug. 8 to the sale of one property while agreeing to seek bids on another.

The Council gave preliminary approval Aug. 8 to issue a quit claim deed to Denita McWilliams for 375 Pleasant St. for $25,000.

The city became owners of the Pleasant Street property in March 2018. This property has a half acre and is assessed at $69,300. The city demolished the house that had been on the lot in 2021 because of its deteriorated condition.

The prices Rockland receives for properties are far less than their assessed value because the city only issues a quit claim deed, meaning Rockland gives up its interests in the property. Former owners could challenge the ownership issue and getting financing is more difficult because of uncertainty of ownership.

The city foreclosed on a tax lien levied in September 2016 for property taxes due in August 2015. The former owner also owed taxes, lien fees and interest for 2017 and 2018.

The city sends repeated notices and makes numerous efforts to locate property owners before the foreclosure deadline and tries to work with them after foreclosure. The city also offers the property back to the former owner if they want it and agree to pay what is owed.

State law makes foreclosure on properties automatic 18 months after liens are placed on properties for unpaid taxes if the amount is not paid. Municipalities can vote to waive the foreclosures.

The Council also voted Aug. 8 to solicit bids on 10 Halls Lane, which is one tenth of an acre with a ranch-style house that is in very poor condition. The city has the property and house assessed at a combined $80,600.

The bid notice stipulates that the bidder must submit a proposal to keep the housing affordable.

The City acquired that property in June for non-payment of sewer fees. The property has been vacant for at least five years according to city assessment records.