CUSHING — Alton Grover has resigned from the Cushing Select Board after false allegations were made against him, the veteran town official said Monday.

Grover has served on the select board since first being elected in 1984. He was re-elected by voters in March 2022 to another three-year term.

Alton Grover

Grover said an allegation he had consumed alcohol at a recent event at the fire station led him to make this decision.

Grover said he thanks the residents and taxpayers of the town for more than 39 years of support.

Board chair Daniel Staples said things got blown out of proportion and he is saddened that Grover decided to resign.

“I’ve known Alton for 45 years and have never seen him even take a sip of beer,” Staples said.

The board chair said another person at the event at the fire station brought alcohol and consumed it from a thermos. Somehow, a story was spread Grover had drunk the alcohol.

While he wishes Alton had remained on the board, Staples said he understands Grover’s decision.

Alton Grover