THOMASTON — Did you know volunteering at Pope Memorial Humane Society could be beneficial to your health?

Although I am not a doctor, studies have shown working with cats, dogs, and other small animals can be helpful in many ways. Obviously, walking dogs improves your physical fitness. Many of our dog walkers are more physically fit than they have been in years. If stress and/or depression darken your days, try snuggling up to one of our kitties and listen to the happy purrs. How could that not lift your mood and bring a smile to your face?

A diagnosis of high blood pressure or of coronary artery disease has been shown to be less of a risk for those people who own pets. They have a lower probability for a fatal heart attack and a lower risk for a stroke. Some employers allow their employees to bring their dogs to work with them to promote better health.

If you volunteer, instead of bringing a dog or cat with you to work for health purposes, we have many wonderful animals right here waiting to meet you. I understand sometimes studies can be skewed to show the desired results. However, speaking from experience, I have had pets in my life for all of my many years and my health is excellent.


Do yourself a favor. Enrich your life by volunteering. There are no guarantees, but just to be on the safe side, give it a try. Complete the volunteer application on our website ( and attend the next volunteer orientation to be held Saturday, Aug. 13, at 11 a.m. at the shelter.

Our shelter picks this week are two black and white cats rescued from a cat colony in Rockland. They both get along with other cats, so now is your chance to add to your furry family. Columbina is an adorable 4-year-old gal who is shy but would love to have you help her be less reserved. Bolin is also shy, but at a year old is ready to be your forever friend. Won’t you come in and meet them?

Wish list: Bleach, scrubby sponges, rabbit food, paper towels and gift certificates to Walmart, Staples and other local businesses.

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