For years I have been regularly receiving solicitations in the mail from companies wanting me to switch to green energy for a lower cost. I have not switched nor will I ever. I have not fallen for the hype because I know the only reason they are offering it is to qualify for more federal and state subsidies. They don’t care about me or my electric rates.

Green energy is far more expensive to produce than traditional sources like oil and natural and takes up a lot of land. Solar energy would never exist on its own without tax breaks and subsidies. Imagine what a nice deal it is to be guaranteed a set rate for your product in advance of production which solar companies are. My neighbor looked at getting solar panels on his house (he never would have considered it without the tax credits). He asked the seasoned installer how long it would take to recoup the costs of putting in the panels. How much would he save on his energy costs? He was told unequivocally “never gonna happen.”

The largest solar array in New England is being considered in Warren on 660 acres of privately owned land. The ballpark going rate is $1,200 per acre per month for landowners leasing to solar companies. Guilt over alleged man-made climate change and greed by those exploiting the situation are powerful motivators. If people really are worried about the environment, they would stop buying cheap Chinese junk.

I wish people were more informed about climate patterns throughout history. Things like solar cycles that drive the weather, ice ages and certain interglacial periods that were well before any Industrial Age. I refuse to blindly accept certain predictions based on flawed climate models. Nobody totally understands the movements of clouds, winds or oceans and basing climate models on them is just silly. They cannot even reliably predict the weather for next week. To me green energy is a lie, based solely on perceived guilt and greed.

Linda Bodnar
St. George