Should anyone still wonder at the ridiculous partisanship going on in this country, a perfect example is shown in Stephen Betts article about some Knox County Republicans. Apparently, a group of 40 of these Republicans gathered in Michael Mullins building to view the completely discredited film, “2000 mules,” a film that claims the 2020 election was stolen, a film with no evidence, a film produced by a man convicted of felony election fraud. What a perfect person to produce a film on election fraud, a person later pardoned by Trump.

The most amazing part of this is that virtually all those present agreed with the film and still believe the election was stolen. Mr. Mullins, who addressed the group, stated that “election issues should be investigated so the public can trust election outcomes.” I would say that the approximately 60 lawsuits brought by the Trump administration constitutes multiple “investigations,” all of which lost due to lack of evidence. The January 6th Investigative Committee has and is doing an incredibly thorough investigation that started with examining and debunking all claims of fraud.

It will surprise no one that when polled, none of the attendees stated that they had watched any of the January 6th committee’s public hearings — amazing since almost all of the witnesses were high-ranking Republican administration officials. I assume that if beverages were served at this event, it was Kool Aid.

Stephen Gold