It’s finally time to enjoy the Maine Lobster festival in Rockland! Yay!

August really began with the New Moon on July 28 at 1:55 p.m. This New Moon as I see it was potent with truth, honesty, and bringing out information which needs to be shared. The Sun and Moon conjunct were at 5 degrees of Leo at the point of the New Moon and were in a superfine aspect (120 degrees — a trine) with Jupiter in Aries. This is an adventurous energy. It’s a month of living free in the moment and not projecting into the future. Set the intention to remember that we’re all in this together. The next New Moon is August 27. We’ve got lots of present moments to enjoy … with Jupiter in Aries aspecting this Leo New Moon.

August 3 – 5 — You may experience a disappointment in a relationship involving a friend concerning finances. Venus is awkwardly aspecting Saturn. It could also be that a person shows up late for a planned meeting with you or forgets entirely about you. It may have nothing at all to do with your finances. This is a good reminder not to allow expectations to rule the day! No matter what, be thrifty with your money now.

August 4 – 25 — Mercury is in Virgo. Your mind will be focused on details. This is necessary. You’re making a special effort to slow down to be deliberate to what is being presented, especially if it’s a contract to be signed. Take your time. Mercury is not retrograde, yet. It’s OK to sign a legal document, as long as you understand and have read it carefully. Mercury will be retrograde September 9 – October 2.

August 5 – 7 — Warning! There will be frustrations with the delays taking place. You’re not patient. Try to respond rather than react. Mars is in a challenging aspect with Saturn and induces agitation. Venus and Neptune are in a superfine aspect at this time. Yay! This aspect (mathematical relationship between planets) is ushering in unconditional love and forgiveness for what the universe is presenting to all of us. This aspect is known to bring about a “true love relationship.” If you have certain natal aspects this would be a significant time to meet someone worthy of considering who could be your mate. Superfine aspects found in natal charts that point to finding a True Love in this lifetime are positive aspects between these planets: Neptune, Jupiter, Venus, and Chiron. There are some more minor aspects that also point to the same thing. During 1962 & 1963 there were some amazing aspects going on which would find many people born then that are finding they’re with or will be with the…. “True Love of this lifetime.” How very fortunate these people are, for sure. This planet needs more people in love!!! Why? Because Love raises the consciousness of the people on this planet, and that is contagious.

August 9 – 11 — It seems like the healing vibe is strong while people are caring for another in gentle ways. Music and color therapies are being promoted as they ought to be. Mars and Neptune are in a positive aspect ushering in healing energy. You’re apt to tune in and feel the shift occurring when you’re sitting quietly by a moving river or a waterfall. Catch the negative ions that increase your oxygen flow.

August 11 — The Full Moon takes place at 9:30 p.m. with the Moon at 19 Aquarius conjunct Saturn at 22 degrees of Aquarius opposite the Sun at 19 degrees of Leo. This is disruptive energy. Uranus is steadfast at 18 degrees of Taurus and Mars is at 23 Taurus. This is not a restful Full Moon. Civil unrest is suggested by these astrological mathematical placements. I just sent a letter to many legislators in the state of Maine warning them that this Full Moon could be a set-up for civil unrest. I hope they have a humane approach to citizen’s freedom of self-expression for pure democracy!

August 11 – September 5 — Venus has moved into flamboyant, extroverted, generous Leo. A Leo person would give you the coat off their back if they knew that you needed it. You’re in the mood to purchase gifts. Perhaps you want to set aside gifts until Christmas or loved one’s birthday, or just to be spontaneous when you feel like giving. Dating someone romantically inclined now would find you dancing in the street or spontaneously going to an art class. Interactive theater with audience participation is ideal for this placement of Venus.

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