THOMASTON — Do you or someone you know have a pregnant cat at home? Maybe a cat that has just given birth to a litter of kittens? Let us introduce you to the Moms and Toms program at Pope Memorial Humane Society.

Through the Moms and Toms Program, PMHS offers free spay surgery for any female cat or dog whose offspring is surrendered to us to be adopted out through our adoption program. If dad resides in the same home, PMHS will neuter him too. Working together, we will help prevent future unplanned litters. For more information on this program, visit or call the shelter at 207-594-2200.

Mark your calendar for Saturday, Aug. 6. PMHS staff and volunteers will be at the Pour Farm in Union for our third annual Pints for Pets at the Pour Farm. This laid-back event allows you to hang out with puppies, enjoy a beverage or two and support Pope Memorial Humane Society. What’s not to love? Event runs from noon to 3 p.m., Aug. 6, at The Pour Farm in Union.

Are you ready for the party of the summer? The party of the summer that supports homeless pets in need and celebrates our fantastic community. Bark + Brew in the Barn takes place at Harmony Hill Farm in Warren on Aug. 18, from 6-9 pm. Local food, drinks, music, and special surprises throughout the night. Bark + Brew in the Barn is a ticketed event that will sell out. To purchase your tickets, visit

Junco. Photo courtesy of Pope Memorial Humane Society

Let’s talk about Junco. Junco arrived at PMHS last November. Initially, she was painfully shy. She enjoyed (and still does) the company of other cats but wanted nothing to do with people. Well, imagine my surprise when I walked into cat room two the other day, and there was Junco, perched on a cat tower leaning in for head pets. I could feel her purring. Was this the same Junco? Wow. Junco turned a corner. It took some time, but she finally likes people. If you are looking for a gorgeous, independent gal that will keep you on your toes, Junco might be the perfect cat for you. I highly recommend stopping into the shelter to visit this sweet gal. I won’t be surprised if she becomes a big cuddler once adopted into a loving home.

Wish list: Wet pate style kitten food, 33-gallon trash bags, dry kitten food, bleach and gift cards to local businesses to purchase supplies for the shelter.

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