Union is at a cross roads right now. A lot of information is flying around about the Thompson Community Center. Some is true, some is false, and some is only half true. It is convenient for some to tell half truths to push whatever agenda they have.

I have no private agenda.

If elected, I will help sort through all of the information that comes before the town and work with the other Select Board members to make the right decisions as we move forward.

I was a member of the Select Board here in Union for approximately 10 years. Part of that time I was chair of the board. I never once made a decision on any thing relating to the town without hearing all sides of an issue first. Many times I didn’t agree with the decisions I made but I felt it was best for the town.

Many of you know who I am, but some of you are new to Union.

I am a veteran and am proud to have served our country.

I have been a resident of Union for nearly 30 years.

As I said above, I was on the Select Board for approximately 10 years.

I have volunteered hundreds of hours to the town. Most recently, I was on the Future of the Thompson Community Center Committee and the Thompson Memorial Association Committee.

I am a member of the Union and Washington Masonic Lodges.

I have volunteered many hours to the Thompson Community Center over the years. I was also a maintenance person and served as director.

Many of you have bought Christmas trees and wreaths from me over the years at either my house on Common Road or at our location on the corner of Route 17 and 131 South — Abraham’s trees and wreaths.

I will do my best for you if I am elected . Please vote on Aug. 9 — it is the most important part of our Democratic process.

Abraham Knight


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