So disheartening how people can be when you don’t agree with them.

At the Tuesday, July 19, Union Select Board meeting, as always, public comment is first. A member of the Thompson Memorial Association sent Adam (chair) an email to let me know of his disapproval of my petition.

The meeting he is referring to can be viewed under the Union Town Hall Streams page at After clicking on Town hall stream, click on “group by meeting type” and scroll down to “town meeting Jan. 25, 2022.” In the meeting above, after informing everyone on the reports to read on the TCC, I continue to say we need to bring in people to give us prices on this and on that. Please watch and make your own judgement of me.

In March, my husband John and I got two septic prices with a 2009 septic plan (needs to be updated for real cost), brick wall estimate (has bowed out more since report, needs engineer specs) and boiler estimate (we were told in March if one was not ordered by June it would be hard to get this year). Boilers have to be comparable with rest of system or a whole new system needs to be placed. I had three calls out to electricians when I was told to hold off until the fire marshal report came in.

Despite what this TMA persons says, I do care about the town and I do care about the taxpayers. That is why I feel this engineer report needs to be done prior to any construction. All voters notified. Yes, it will cost money, but weigh out the balances of an updated assessment report to an ongoing reconstruction of a building and what the results to us all will be.

Then the town, together, can decide on spending money to renovate or do something else. How this is considered to be misinformation I’m not sure. What I think is good business sense and logical, others find distasteful.

Also, read Option 1 and the phases that were put together. Money from the $465,000 allotment was spent to get items on the fire marshal report satisfied and to continue keeping the TCC open. Go to the Select Board meeting on Town hall Streams.

Linda Waltz-Mountainland