UNION  Two dozen people gathered at Union Historical Society’s Robbins House Saturday, July 16, Union Founders Day, for the society’s 50th anniversary.

On July 26, 1972, 16 Union citizens met for the first time to create the society. President Jeff Nims explained how Vice President Mary Thompson found a set of minutes, handwritten by Muriel Heath, listing the sixteen people at the first meeting. Four of the six living members were present at the anniversary celebration along with family members of the sixteen. Speaking to Janis Harriman, Eva Burns, Patty and Richard Kahn, Nims said, “You should be very proud of what you started.”

Board member Frank Cassidy unveiled a bronze plaque listing the sixteen founding members. He had mounted it on varnished wood from a floorboard in his home, which was previously owned by Arley Clark. The minutes note Clark was appointed temporary chairman at the first meeting. Anniversary cake was served, featuring frosting photos of the society’s Robbins House and Old Town House.

The plaque will be hung in the Robbins House.

The sixteen names are: Arley Clark, Esther Morton, Florence Bessey, Catherine Cates, Isabel Abbott, Janis Harriman, Lela Glidden, Janis Harriman, Jean Cox Burns, Eva Burns, Karen Burns, Ann Messer, Richard Kahn, Patty Kahn, Hazel Marcus and Muriel Heath.