ROCKLAND — The following is news from the Rockland Golf Club:

On Sunday, July 24, in senior club championship play, the overall winner for men playing from the white tees was Skip Heald at 75, for men from the gold tees Steve Staples at 72 and for women from the red tees Kathleen LaBree at 80.

The age-group winners were:

Women 50-59 — Cheryl Frye, first gross 95; and Becky Sledeski, first net 80.

Women 60-69 — Sue Hodgkins, first gross 88; and Wendy Dewing, first net 73.

Women 70-79 — Madolin Fogarty, first gross 88; and Kathy Sprowl, first net 72.

Men 50-59 — Randy Hooper, first gross 76; and Peter Stuart, first net 77.

Men 60-69 — Rob Splaine, first gross 76; and Kevin LaBree, first net 67.

Men 70-79 — Victor Goldsmith, first gross 77; and Bill Willis, first net 66.

Men 80 and older — Dean Sasek, first gross 84; and Charlie Jordan, first net 73.

On Sunday, July 24, in men’s individual points play, Bill Willis finished first at +4; Rob Splaine, second at +3; Craig Lord, third at +1; Mike Bonzagni, fourth at even; Charlie Brown, fifth at -2; and John Spear and Mark McGuirl, tied sixth at -2.

Pins: Bill Willis, 12-9 on the 10th hole; and Nick Doucette, 11-5 on the 18th.

On Satuday, July 23, in men’s individual points play, Bill Willis finished first at +2; Mike Bonzagni and Charlie Brown, tied second at even; and Mer Doucette, fourth at -4.

On Thursday, July 21, in women’s association “throw-out-three-worst-holes” play, the results were:

For A Flight, Sally Stockman finished first gross 65; Kathy Harper, second gross 69; Sybil Davis, third gross 74; Kate Hewlett, first net 49; Kathy Sprowl, second net 52; and Jan Staples and Marty Jones, tied third net 56.

For B Flight, Wendy Dewing finished first gross 79; Monica Clark, second gross 81; Diane Bryant, third gross 86; Martha Bouchard, first net 47; Ann Zaltman, second net 55; and Joni Hall, third net 56.

Pins: Jan Staples, 14-9 on the fifth hole; Kathy Sprowl, 11-11 on the 10th; and Sybil Davis, 3-8 on the 18th.

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