In response to the article “Thomaston couple challenges board to address speeding.”

This is exactly the mindset that has stagnated the infrastructure in the state of Maine in the modern era.

Instead of investing in developing a major artery or main thoroughfare — or perhaps expanding Route 1 with another lane to ease congestion for Maine residents commuting in the area — people want to clog up the existing, damaged disrepaired roads, crippling drivers on their already unnerving commute daily.

“Fight fire with fire?” “Prepared to go to war?” This is the language that will bury the state and send it back into the stone age. Instead of a conversation about modernizing the few existing roads, they want us all to drive at jogging speed.

It has been a problem since the resident was a child — YES! Because these roads haven’t been updated since BEFORE the resident was a child, when vehicles were unsafe, inefficient, slow, and could navigate goat paths.

Easing congestion and allowing for an influx in tourism AND for commuters attempting to navigate to work, might actually slow frustrated speeders down if their commute didn’t take twice as long as it does currently. Not maintaining the roads, throwing up blinking flashing signs (which are distracting), adding speed humps and crippling commuters is not the answer. Giving commuters more than one route to get from A to B might ease traffic, keep commercial and construction vehicles out of neighborhoods and villages, and allow for efficient travel throughout the state.

Thank you for letting a Maine resident vent his or her frustration over these 19th century ideas of “safe” driving/transportation.

Dino Kozidis