ROCKLAND — The Rockland Planning Board is in need of members.

The municipal Board is down to three members. Three members are needed for a quorum to hold the meeting and three yes votes are needed to approve a project, meaning even one no vote would doom a development.

At the Planning Board’s July 19 meeting, a proposed 53-unit senior housing project was on the agenda. Board member Carol Maines lives across North Main Street from the proposed development. Chair Erik Laustsen, who has served on the Board for 36 years, asked whether she would recuse herself. Developer Kevin Bunker said he had no problem with Maines participating and voting on the matter, saying she had no pecuniary interests.

If Maines had recused herself, the board could not have proceeded since there would not have been a quorum.

Board member Ian Emmott resigned July 19. Another board member Ryan Smith served briefly this year before resigning, while an alternate, who was appointed earlier this year, never attended a meeting.

There are now vacancies for two members as well as an alternate.

Rockland residents who are interested in serving on the board can contact the city and fill out a form. The mayor nominates members to municipal boards and committees and the council then votes on whether to confirm the appointments.