WISCASSET — With the big dogs of NASCAR in town, a handful of tracks in New England took this past weekend off from racing festivities.

Wiscasset Speedway capitalized on the opportunity and kept the train rolling with an action-packed Group 1 program which featured the Sweatt’s Concrete Thunder 4 Minis, Norm’s Used Cars Pro Stocks, Brackett’s Market 4-Cylinder Pros, Market 27 Super Streets and the T&L Automotive Enduro Series for the second enduro of the season.

Zach Audet of Norridgewock, winner of Thunder 4 Minis. Photo courtesy of Peter Taylor

Nearly 100 competitors filled the pit area on Saturday, July 16 in hopes to land a spot on the podium. It may have been warm outside, but Possibilities Nutrition kept it cool as they served cold beverages on the grandstand side and sponsored the night’s racing program.

The night kicked off with a 25-lap feature from the Thunder 4 Minis. Ricky Austin held the early lead over Derek Cook, but Zach Audet maded a hard charge through the field. Audet, who also won one of the two heat races earlier in the night, took over the top spot on lap 10. The leaders navigated lap traffic in the closing laps of the feature but Audet maintained his advantage, to pick up his second Thunder 4 Mini win of the season. Shane Webber and Derek Cook rounded out the top three.

Josh Hall of Mount Vernon, 4-Cylinder Pro winner. Photo courtesy of Peter Taylor

Logan Melcher scored the qualifying heat win in the Pro Stocks, but it was Kelly Moore who took the early lead in the 40-lap Pro Stock feature. Moore, at age 63, not only was the oldest but the most decorated driver in the Pro Stock field on Saturday. He is racing legend in Maine and throughout New England. The former Busch North driver has a long and successful career spanning more than three decades and is a 2021 inductee into the New England Auto Racing Hall of fame and a soon-to-be 2022 inductee into the Maine Motorsports Hall of Fame.

On Saturday, Moore, who has Midcoast roots and now lives in Scarborough, took off like a rocket from the get-go and held strong after a mid-race caution on lap 18 brought the field together. He held off Nick Hinkley and hard-charging Kevin Douglass in the closing laps of the feature, to pick up — surprisingly — his first career win at Wiscasset Speedway.

The last time Kelly Moore was on the podium at the speedway was in 1994 when he scored a second-place finish.

Jason Oakes of Boothbay, winner of Super Streets. Photo by Peter Taylor

This time, Moore was emotional as he pulled into victory lane following the race and took a moment to gather himself before he emerged from his car, greeted a joyous crowd of cheering fans. Moore got choked up in his victory lane speech and celebrated with his family, friends and track owner, Richard Jordan.

It is not often one can witness a driver like Moore score a career “first” this late into his/her career, but the fans got to experience it firsthand on Saturday.

The 4-Cylinder Pros followed the Pro Stocks with a 25-lap feature race. Sylas Ripley powered to the early lead but Josh Hall was on his toes, as he grabbed the lead after an early-race caution for contact between Callahan Cox and Andy Kaherl. Hall took the advantage and literally ran with it, as he extended his lead to a full straightaway with just five laps to go. He held strong through the finish, as he picked up his fourth win on the season in the division.

Jeff Read of Brunswick, winner of the Enduro. Photo courtesy of Peter Taylor

Hall tied Ryan Ripley for the most wins in a division this season.

Daniel Harding and Sylas Ripley rounded out the top three, but Daniel Harding was penalized three positions in post-race tech due to a carburetor violation. That moved Sylas Ripley up to second and Callahan Cox into the official top three.

Jason Oakes took off with the early lead over P.J. Merrill in the 30-lap Super Street feature. Heavy hitters Brett Osmond and Bubba Pelton tangled early, which collected Nick Morton and James Goodman in their aftermath. Pelton struggled to find his groove through the remainder of the feature and was later caught up in another on-track incident that, ultimately, retired him from the race, but Osmond fought his way back into the top five as the laps began to wind down.

Points leader Matt Beers ran in the top five, but was met with an unfortunate fate on the final lap of the feature as he collided with Colby Peacock. This turned Beers sideways, which sent him straight into the turn one wall. Beers was able to walk away from the carnage, but was left with a heavily-battered race car.

The race was deemed official following the incident and ended under red-flag conditions. Per Wiscasset rules, the official finishing order was determined by the drivers’ positions at the conclusion of the final completed green flag lap, minus the drivers that were involved in the caution. Jason Oakes was awarded the win, which is his first win in 3 years in the division. PJ Merrill and Brett Osmond rounded out the podium.

The night concluded with the T&L Automotive Enduro race. Thirty-seven drivers joined the fun for an exciting 100-lap feature. Jeff Read was the only driver who successfully completed all 100 laps and, ultimately, won the feature.

The individual racing results from July 16 were:

Sweatt’s Concrete Thunder 4 Mini (25 laps) – 1, Zach Audet, Norridgewock; 2, Shane Webber, New Vinyard; 3, Derek Cook, Livermore Falls; 4, Jeff Farrington, Alna; 5, Adam Audet, Norridgewock; 6, Bruce Hall Jr., Chesterville; 7, Ricky Austin, Norridgewock; 8, Doug Degroat, Oxford; 9, Gunner Josselyn, New Vinyard; 10, John Anderson, Bristol; 11, Ralph Green, Sabattus; 12, Keegan Leighton, Auburn; 13, Michael Golding, Pownal; 14, Ricky McEachern, Pownal; 15, Adreonna Dodge, Freeport; 16, Ches Williams, Hope; 17, Joshua Hall, Sebago; and 18, Austin Dodge, Freeport.

Norm’s Used Cars Pro Stocks (40 laps) – 1, Kelly Moore, Scarborough; 2, Nick Hinckley, Wiscasset; 3, Kevin Douglass, Sidney; 4, Logan Melcher, Fayette; 5, Jamie Wright, Woolwich; 6, Steven Chicoine, Windsor; 7, Nick Calvert, Steep Falls; 8, Dave Getchell, Cornville; 9, Shane Clark, Winterport; and 10, Shane Lane, North Anson.

Brackett’s Market 4-Cylinder Pro (25 laps) – 1, Josh Hall, Mount Vernon; 2, Sylas Ripley, Warren; 3, Callahan Cox, Harrison; 4, Andy Kaherl, Saco; 5, Daniel Harding, Fairfield; 6, Taylor Lane, Phillips; and 7, Ben Burgess, Hartford.

Market 27 Super Streets (30 laps) – 1, Jason Oakes, Boothbay; 2, P.J. Merrill, Canton; 3, Brett Osmond, Wiscasset; 4, Dominic Curit, Saco; 5, Darick Barker, Durham; 6, Nick Morton, Woolwich; 7, David Greenleaf, Westport; 8, Jeff Davis, Woolwich; 9, Shawn Austin, Norridgewock; 10, Bill Pinkham, Wiscasset; 11, Matt Beers, Farmingdale; 12, Nicole Benincasa, Buxton; 13, Colby Peacock, Yarmouth; 14, Richard Pelton, Scarborough; 15, Noah Haggett, Chelsea; 16, Jason Goodman, Carmel; and 17, Glen Reynolds, Turner.

T&L Automotive Enduro 2 (100 laps) – 1, Jeff Read, Brunswick; 2, Ben Audet, Vienna; 3, unknown driver, no town given; 4, Aimme Clegg, Pittston; 5, Kayle McLatchy, Livermore Falls; 6, Dylan York, Searsmon; 7, Jarody, Augusta; 8, Martin Emerson, Monmouth; 9, Roy Glidden, Farmingdale; 10, Ben Dearborn, Norridgewock; 11, Kevin Steele, Richmond; 12, Duane Carr, Rockland; 13, Korey Solmitz, Mount Vernon; 14, Jessica Baker, Jay; 15, Joshua Nelson, Limington; 16, Mike Carlton, Wiscasset; 17, Corey Emery, Skowhegan; 18, unknown driver, no town given; 19, Thomas Main, Edgecomb; 20, Kevin Sherman, Wiscasset; 21, Nathan Haley, Westport Island; 22, Rachel Kennedy, Chelsea; 23, David Bechard, Randolph; 24, Roger Bradstreet, Topsham; 25, Sam Jordan, Gardiner; 26, Raina McPhee, Waldoboro; 27, Bradyen Laliberte, Farmingdale; 28, Brad Clement, Readfield; 29, Jeremy Darveau, West Gardiner; 30, Park Clegg Jr., Pittston; 31, Alex Hinckley, Pittston; 32; Herbert Burnham, Southport; 33, Evan Fales, Litchfield; 34, Taylor Delano, Wiscasset; 35, Jesse Lyons, Woolwich; and 36, Eric Powell, Woolwich.

Amy Harrop works for Wiscasset Speedway.