ROCKLAND — An exhibition of works by Midcoast artists Lauralee Clayton, Noreen Eagleston, Anne Ladley Mahoney and Marjorie Strauss is on view at the Garage Gallery at Eastern Tire, 70 Park St., running through the month of August during regular business hours.

Lauralee Clayton is a Midcoast artist whose love of nature shines through in her favorite subjects — nautical scenes, cats, Belted Galloway cows and flowers.

“For the Love of Flowers” by Noreen Eagleston.

Noreen Eagleston is an oil painter from Northport who loves to paint en plein air or in the studio.

“Rockland Harbor in Fog” by Anne Ladley Mahoney.

Anne Ladley Mahoney lives on Rockland Harbor and the harbor figures in many of her paintings. She works in multimedia, including quilts, books, and fabric paintings and structures.

“Ivy Queen” by Marjorie Strauss.

Marjorie Strauss’s sculpted planter imagery comes from the mystery of symbolism, and the many masks we wear.