The following deed transfers were recorded from June 30, 2022, through July 6, 2022, at the Knox County Registry of Deeds:

Appleton Historical Society to Appleton Historical Society

Suzanne W. Scott, Leamon R. Scott to Bowles Sullivan Living Trust
Nicholas O. Smith Trust, Smith Family Trust to Johan M. Churchill, Lulu M. Churchill
Bryan S. Carle, Leah C. Carle, Josiah Carle, Candace Carle to David Cipollone, Summer Ali Ariza
Charlotte R. Dimaggio to Susan D. Brooks, Anne E. Adams
Grace Lam to Grace Lam, Erica Eliot

Matthew L. Simmons to Peter A. Campagna
Shane Stimpson to Nicole Williams

Thomas G. Simmons, Suzanne L. Simmons to Still Point Friendship LLC

Hope Natural Resources LLC to Bernard B. Garrigan, Christine J. Garrigan
John T. Wight to Bernard B. Garrigan, Christine J. Garrigan
Jonathan Goodman to Bernard B. Garrigan, Christine J. Garrigan
Mary A. Ireland, Mary A. Goodman to Bernard B. Garrigan, Christine J. Garrigan
David M. Cooper, Jacqueline S. Cooper to Bernard B. Garrigan, Christine J. Garrigan
Bernard B. Garrigan, Christine J. Garrigan to Home Place Farm LLC
Home Place Farm LLC to Bernard B. Garrigan, Christine J. Garrigan

Metinic Island
Peter E. Butler Es.t to Carolyn M. Butler

North Haven
Elisabeth W. Cunningham, George I. Warner to Metcalf Cottage LLC
James L. Bildner, Nancy J. Bildner to Agra LLC

Owls Head
Lenore Marie Rheaume to Stephen Jeffrey Curtis
Grace Helena Glover Est., Grace R. Glover Est. to William J. Glover
William J. Glover to William J. Glover, Diana R. Glover
Roland George Ware Jr. Est. to Anna M. Ware
Roland George Jr. Ware Est. to Erik R. Waterman
Melinda Richards, Chad Coddington to Joyce Betts
Joyce Betts to Carson Courchaine
Jennie E. Witham Est. to Jonathan G. Frye, Susan C. Frye

Marcy J. Hamann to Stephanos Dz. Bacon, Marjorie A. Zyriek Bacon, Marjorie A. Zyriek Bacon
Bruce Fulford to William P. Falk
Martina Midlin to Rockland Group LLC
Donald E. Payson III to Threecrow Enterprises LLC
Joshua A. Hixson to Tara M. Barker
Tara M. Barker to TMB Properties LLC
Ann Marie E. McNally to Jessica Bayne
William Garner to Anne Lise Keys
Jeff Bowden to Bert’s Machine Shop LLC
Mark E. Fiederowicz, Maura L. Matteo to David Kent Woodward

Thomas A. Kiley, Barbara B. Hills to Lance D. Limoges, Holly H. Limoges
Vernon B. Hunter to Vernon B. Hunter, Christopher W. Hunter
Lila H. Vultee to Pelwood LLC
Anthony Charles Davidson to Lawrence B. Trueman, Dianna K. Trueman
Nicholas T. C. Apollonio to Penelope L. Ray
Kristin Tescher to Nicholas Apollonio
Penelope L. Ray to Nicholas T. C. Apollonio
Nicholas T. C. Apollonio to Francis J. Ohara III
Michael W. Freeman, Linda J. York to Richard E. McCullough Jr., Janice R. McCullough

South Thomaston
Maria Hardt Snow Est. to Stephen L. Snow
Jeffrey P. Mills Trust, Carol A. Mills Trust, Mills Family Trust to Carey A. Mills
Albert Christopher Santosuosso Est. to Linda Ann Santosuosso

St. George
James G. Skoglund Est. to Marta Skoglund Sisco
James G. Skoglund Est. to Mark Faulkingham

Beth Bowley to Rockland Realty LLC
Matthew D. Pease to R And D Trash Removal Inc.
200 New County Rd. Solar LLC to Novel Me Land Holdings LLC
High Island Sisters LLC to Ryan Michael Fitzpatrick, Olivia Susan Fitzpatrick
Muriel M. Pinkham Est. to Timothy Pinkham
Adam W. Groth to Thomas Hopf Lovette, Christine Hopf Lovette, Thomas Hopf Lovette, Christine Hopf Lovette

Matthew Weitemeyer to Diane M. Holmes, Paul A. Holmes
Elmer L. Savage, Holly O. Savage to Barbara T. Cochran

Leonard A. Skoog Sr. Est. to Gina Barkley, William A. Barkley
Derek E. Jeffers to Brijonna Rockett

Ivan Flaherty, Wendy Flaherty to Victoria Taber

William C. Coffey to Billie Jean Coffey
Keybank National Association, Shannon P. Condon, Paula A. Lopez to Whitney Lopez
William G. Little to William John Little