ROCKPORT — The following is news from the Goose River Golf:

On Tuesday, July 12, in twilight league play, the skin winners were:

A/B Flight — Andrew Dailey made two on the eighth hole; and Charles “Chum” Berry, three on second.

C/D/E/F Flight — Ed Curtis, three on ninth; Jon Wickenden, five on first; and John Davee, three on seventh.

Pin on eighth hole: Front tees — John Davee, 9-11 3/4.

Pin on ninth: Back tees — Andrew Dailey, 21-9.

Dante Ravelli was the 50/50 winner.

On Wednesday, July 13, in women’s league two-person blind draw and scramble, Chris Stone and Delisa Morong finished first at 78; and Gigi (Gail) Gleason and Wendy Anderson, second at 81.

In the scramble, Lynn Cianchette, Gloria Corral and Kristi Dodd finished first at 51.

Pin: Brenda Berry, 12-12 on the eighth.

Chris Stone was the 50/50 winner.

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