The set has been struck and the costumes have been carefully put away, but the music and message of “Count Me In” still resonate throughout Watts Hall and the community.

This original musical about our local hero, General Henry Knox, played to more than 700 people in its five performances, with the two final shows completely sold out. This could not have happened without the enthusiastic support of your publication and your readership. Thank you for all you did in helping us champion the Watts Hall Community Players as they lit up the stage after two long, dark years. And, thanks to you, Henry and Lucy Knox, who not only made a triumphant return to Thomaston after more than 200 years, but they sang.

Thank you for your wonderful publication and for keeping all of us in Midcoast Maine abreast of community activities throughout the year. As the world becomes more digital and detached, we are so fortunate to have local coverage run by local people who live and work among us.


Benie Colvin

Publicity, Watts Hall Community Players