I would like to comment on some of the incorrect ideas, or misconceptions, which were presented at the July 5 Union Select Board meeting by people supporting the petition going around relating to the Thompson Community Center.

First, the 2022/2023 budget was passed at the town meeting. No funds were asked for, or appropriated for, the TCC building. So, any increase in taxes is only due to employee raises, ambulance, road repairs, school budget, plus a large increase in insurance due to a workman’s comp claim.

Second, the first tier projects are estimated at between $215,000 and $465,000. These funds were not in the town budget, but were approved by the voters in June in Option 1. There is no request for $3 million! It is very possible if handled correctly there will be few, if any, extra funds needed from the taxpayers of Union due to fundraising and grants.

Third, within the first tier projects there are funds ($215,000 to $465,000) for more inspections on the gym floor, septic, and south wall of the brick building. No further inspections are needed at this time.

Fourth, the fire marshal has no issue with the electrical wiring of the building. Mold has been taken care of, as has most of the asbestos.

Fifth, many volunteers have spent hundreds of hours going through the building, getting estimates, and operating the building for the past six-plus months. I would ask people take the time to read the reports on the town website before making misleading and incorrect assertions, and jumping to false conclusions.

The public’s input is welcome, but please read up on the reports and make constructive suggestions. Democracy dies from ignorance and apathy. Get involved and come to meetings. The town and country need you to be active citizens.

Erik Amundsen