ROCKPORT — Bettina Doulton and Kerry Altiero announce the first of a series of public listening sessions and round table conversations to discuss business resiliency in the Midcoast for small business owners to share their experiences, given the current micro and macro-economic climate.

The first of these sessions will be hosted virtually by Camden National Bank Monday, July 11, from 4-5:30 p.m. Small business owners and collaborators can register here:

Midcoast businesses are increasingly threatened by inflationary pressures, increased regulation, shortage of skilled labor, lack of housing, affordable healthcare, and other factors. Doulton and Altiero identified a need for blueprints that define ways in which business owners and non-profits can collaborate, cooperate and potentially consolidate to be stronger and more resilient in order to survive.

The stated goal for these discussions is to connect open-minded strategic thinkers who see a need for change, incremental and/or transformational, through this initial meeting and follow-up sessions. With an envisioned process of discovery through community engagement, issue identification and prioritization, strategic planning, optimization of existing resources, and scenario analysis, the potential exists to propose informed plans of action for achieving scale and effectiveness.

Members of the public who are unable to attend this virtual event are encouraged to attend future Midcoast Business Resiliency Listening Sessions and Conversations, which will be announced on Phi Builders Architects and Café Miranda Rockland Facebook pages.