In response to Stephen Bett’s article June 25 “Following overturn of Roe vs. Wade, where do local legislative candidates stand?,” while all eight Democratic and Independent candidates voiced unequivocal support for a woman’s right to control her own reproductive choices, 100% of the Republican candidates who responded either did not support, or did not fully support, choice. Sixty-two percent of Republican candidates conveniently failed to respond at all.

I hope Mr. Betts continues to press for answers on this question of fundamental human rights, not only from our legislative candidates, but from every elected official in Knox County including Select Board members, county commissioners and district attorneys.

With its decision to strike down a key Constitutional right, the Supreme Court, now controlled by ideological henchmen of the far-right Republican Party, will turn armies of liberals and moderates into single-issue voters. If a candidate — local, state or national — cannot demonstrate unambiguous support for the basic human right to control one’s own body, their positions on other issues become irrelevant.

Mary Winchell