THOMASTON — After some questions about if the iconic ice cream shop would be able to open this summer, Dorman’s Dairy Dream opened under new management, but kept the same traditions.

The first customer at Dorman’s Dairy Dream poses with new owner Neal Shepard and his scoop of grapenut ice cream Tuesday, July 5. Photo courtesy of Dorman’s Dairy Dream

Neal Shepard, who with his brother, Barry, are the new owners, said the first day on Tuesday, July 5, was “absolutely nuts,” with long lines and very happy customers.

Shepard said the public was ecstatic to be back in line for favorites like orange pineapple, coconut chip and, of course, grapenut. “It was incredible really,” Shepard said.

“It’s been a challenge putting the whole thing together, but I’m very happy it happened,” Shepard said. “I’m just happy that it’s taken off well.”

The first sale of the season was one scoop of grapenut ice cream.

Shepard said he was thankful for his daughter, Jessica Shepard, who facilitated a lot of the work, and Darryl Sanborn Jr. who has been hired as the ice cream maker. He also credited the new manager, Olivia Jacobsen, for her hard work for the opening.

Currently, Shepard said they are only focusing on the ice cream, though they may do something else with the kitchen where Dorman’s Grill operated.

Shepard said Dorman’s is fully staffed and they are working with the original recipe. They are honoring Kendrick Dorman, who started the business in 1951, by being closed on Sundays for now, but Monday through Saturday the shop is open from noon to 8 p.m.