I so enjoy reading Alison McKellar’s articles, and all the local history, and appreciate the time it takes to research and present it to us.

On a recent piece about venting, given the stressful and chaotic times we are in, it is understandable that people would have a short fuse, and it takes a lot of self-awareness to not do that, which is in short supply.

I have two cats and I have found myself, when they are demanding, to want to yell at them, and I stop and know I cannot do that. They are my emotional support team and I need to treat them well.

Taking venting to its ultimate behavior, all these mass shootings now, with no apparent motive…to me that is a way of releasing one’s frustrations in a drastic way. The focus on gun laws won’t help — until our society changes, this will continue to happen. It’s like expecting plants to bloom in a toxic soil.

Silvia Shanahan