I am weary of the continued flinging of fear and falsehoods about the Montgomery Dam and how our Select Board system works. Have you heard some say the Select Board hasn’t let the citizens voice their opinions? That puzzles me. All Select Board meetings include time for public comment whether an item is on the agenda or not. Any citizen can also write to any and all of the Select Board members to share their views.

Have you heard some say the Select Board has denied our right to vote and have already made decisions on the fate of the dam? The Select Board form of government is such that voters are the ones to determine whether to expend public money which we would need to do to keep the dam. We the voters make the decision on the dam.

Some would have us vote in September to keep the dam without all needed information to make an informed decision. Would you want to do that without knowing the cost to us to repair it and to maintain it, without knowing future implications?

I am weary of letters to the editor mischaracterizing this whole dam business, instilling fear, and unfairly disparaging members of our Select Board. I am saddened that communication, in the media and in person, has devolved to such a low point, creating a divisive climate in our town.

Please urge those supporting a premature vote, to put a pause on that until the proposed Citizens Advisory Committee can get up and running and bring us together toward a solution.

Stephanie Smith