SOUTH PORTLAND – Thirteen-year-old Cameron Frisone, of Rockland, was honored as an Anthem Hero at Hadlock for the courage he has displayed battling leukemia at a young age.

“Cameron has shown such perseverance and positivity during his cancer battle over the last year, and we are all inspired by his fight against this disease,” Denise McDonough, president of Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield in Maine, said.

In May 2021, Cameron began feeling extremely fatigued, and his parents noticed he was out of breath even at rest and his heart would beat rapidly when walking. After a visit to the emergency room and having labs drawn, Cameron was admitted to The Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital, where he was diagnosed with B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia at 12.

Cameron went from attending baseball practices and games with friends to having a view of Hadlock Field from his room at the hospital. Despite enduring further complications, after one month of treatment, Cameron’s bone marrow was found to be free of cancer cells.

Today, Cameron is in the maintenance phase of his treatment and will be for the next year and a half. He has been able to return to doing some of the things he loves the most: Playing guitar, spending time with friends, and managing his school baseball team.