CAMDEN — The passenger schooner Grace Bailey ran aground on a ledge off Stonington Monday, July 4.

There were no injuries, and the vessel was able to float free without significant damage. Captain Ray Williamson said the worm shoe, a strip of wood at the bottom of the keel of the schooner, had a piece broken off. He said the worm shoe served its purpose of protecting the keel.

The grounding occurred at about 4 p.m. near Scott Island which is located off the southern tip of Stonington. Williamson said the schooner was going between two islands and normally the ledge is under water but not at a lower tide.

Williamson said the captain who was operating the vessel was in his second year of sailing the schooner. Williamson said the schooner continued on its trip after floating free from the ledge.

The Grace Bailey sails out of Camden and can carry up to 29 passengers. The vessel has a deck that is 81 feet long with an overall length of 123 feet.