WARREN — FLOW Brazilian Jiujitsu of Rockland welcomed competitors from Maine, New York, Atlanta, Canada and other venues to the Midcoast Athletics Center on Sunday, June 26 for a sub-only open event that included the youngest and smallest to the largest and most experienced.

There were children’s Gi and NoGi, as the smallest competitor weighed 42 pounds, and the event included two super fights, a 10-minute black belt catch weight flow roll, absolute open weight women’s and men’s divisions and adult women’s and men’s Gi and NoGi divisions.

FLOW Brazilian Jiujitsu’s coach Hayleigh Martz, right, gives instruction to Bryce Gushee-Brown. Photo courtesy of Jeremy Walts

There were 316 registered participants, which resulted in 185 medals handed out — including 72 gold, 60 silver and 53 bronze.

FLOW BJJ finished as best academy with 165 points and as the second overall team. Tom DeBlass Association was first at 181. FLOW also had a bundle of top-three individual finishes, including a handful of firsts.

The FLOW Sub-Only Open (FSO), founded by FLOW BJJ in Rockland, was started in an effort to bring high-level grappling to Maine.

Hayleigh Martz, middle, is first in the absolute division, while second is Sandy Walczyk of Titan Athletics, left, and Meg Gleasner, right, third. Martz and Gleasner are from FLOW. Photo courtesy of Jeremy Walts

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The parameters for the children were:

Beginner — White/Gray belt: Typically less than one year of grappling experience and/or first-time competitor.

Intermediate — Yellow belt: Approximately one to two-and-a-half years of grappling experience or has won a beginner competition.

FLOW’s Kevin Eastler attempts a straight foot lock on Erik Johnson. Photo courtesy of Jeremy Walts

Advanced — Orange/Green belt: two-and-half-plus years of grappling experience, or has won an intermediate competition.

The parameters for the women’s and men’s divisions were:

Beginner – White belt.

Intermediate – Blue/Purple belt.

Advanced – Brown/Black belt.

FLOW’s Meg Gleasner inverts to prevent the guard pass by Bry Power of The Academy. Photo courtesy of Jeremy Walts

The children’s weight divisions were: -65 (under 65 pounds); -80 (66-80); -95 (81-95); -115 (96-115); and +115 (more than 115).

The men’s weight divisions were: -140 (featherweight) fewer than 140 pounds 0-140.00 lbs; -155 (lightweight) fewer than 155 lbs 141.00-155.00 lbs; -170 (welterweight) fewer than 170 lbs 156.00-170.00 lbs; -185 (middleweight) fewer than 185 lbs 171.00-185.00 lbs; -205 (light-heavyweight) fewer than 205 lbs 186.00-205.00 lbs; and +205 (heavyweight) more than 205 lbs 206.00+ lbs.

The women’s weight divisions were: -125 (bantamweight) fewer than 125 lbs0.00-125.00 lbs; -140 (featherweight) fewer than 140 lbs126.00-140.00 lbs; -155 (lightweight) fewer than 155 lbs141.00-155.00 lbs; -170 (welterweight) fewer than 170 lbs156.00-170.00 lbs; and +170 (middleweight) more than 170 lbs171.00- lbs.

Maxim Cote of Homa BJJ in Quebec, Canada versus Brian James from 10th planet in Atlanta for the Absolute division finals. Photo courtesy of Jeremy Walts

The individual top-three finishers for FLOW competitors in the tourney included:

Adult Male Gi/White/Adult/-155 (lightweight) — 1, Gabriel Barter.

Adult Male Gi/Blue/Adult/-155 (lightweight) — 3, Austin White-Ortiz.

Adult Male Gi/ Blue/Adult/-205 (Light-Heavyweight) — 1, Bryan Clement; and 3, Logan Meibaum.

Adult Male Gi/Purple/Adult/-155 (lightweight) — 3, Kyle Monahan.

FLOW’s Bryan Clement, left, competes. Photo courtesy of Jeremy Walts

Kids Gi/Beginner (white/gray)/Kids/-80 — 1, Ezra Orlandello.

Kids Gi/Beginner(white/gray)/Kids/-115 — 2 Natalie Dunn.

Kids Gi/Intermediate (Yellow)/ Kids/-115 — 3, Lyla Tolman.

Kids Gi/Intermediate (Yellow)/Kids/+116 — 1, Aydan Moores; and 2, Bryce Gushee-Brown.

Kids Gi/white-gray/-51lbs — 1, Amos Orlandello.

Kids Nogi/Beginner/Kids/-80 — 3, Ezra Orlandello.

Kids Nogi/Beginner/Kids/-115 — 1, Natalie Dunn.

Kids Nogi/Intermediate/Kids/-115 — 3, Lyla Tolman.

Kids Nogi/Intermediate/Kids/+116 — 1, Aydan Moores; 2, Bryce Gushee-Brown; and 3, Joshua Martz.

Kids Nogi/white-gray/-51lbs — 1, Amos Orlandello.

Adult Female Gi/Blue/Adult/-125 (Bantamweight) — 1, Meg Gleasner.

Adult Female Nogi/Intermediate/Adult/-140 (Featherweight} — 1, Meg Gleasner.

Adult Male Nogi/Beginner/Adult/-140 (Featherweight} — 2, James DeWalt.

Adult Male Nogi/Beginner/Adult/-155 (lightweight) — 2, Gabriel Barter.

Adult Male Nogi/Beginner/Adult/-170 (Welterweight} — 2, Brandon Allen.

Adult Male Nogi/Beginner/Adult/+205 (Heavyweight) — 1, Yannick Price-Prevot.

Adult Male Nogi/Intermediate/Adult/-185 (Middleweight) — 3, Max Lombardo.

Adult Male Nogi/Intermediate/Adult /-205 (Light-Heavyweight) — 1, Bryan Clement.

Adult Male Nogi/Advanced/Adult/-155 (lightweight) — 2, Kyle Monahan.

Johnson versus Eastler  — Catchweight Flow — 1, Kevin Eastler.

Moores versus Gusler 15-year-old matchup — 1, Aydan Moores.

Female Absolute Nogi — 1, Hayleigh Martz; and 3, Meg Gleasner.

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