ORLANDO, Fla. — Members of North Atlantic Gymnastics Academy excelled in a trip to the Sunshine State June 8-12 as area youngsters more than held their own — with top-10, top-three and first-place finishes — at the NGA National Championships at the Orange County Convention Center.

“Our athletes were awesome and represented Maine amazingly well,” said Stacey Contakos of NAGA.

In addition to the tremendous showing on the podium by Midcoast gymnasts, NAGA had four athletes named to the NGA Premier and Developmental Select Team.

NAGA’s Camden Contakos. Photo courtesy of Pete Lerro

The following athletes from NAGA earned a bid to the camp: Camden Contakos, Level 9, women’s premier team; Joshua Pratt, Level 8, men’s premier team; Harry Bromberg, Level 6, men’s developmental select team; and Simon Contakos, Level 5, men’s developmental select team.

NGA Premier Team consists of the top 20 female athletes and top five male athletes in Levels 8, 9 and 10. These athletes are invited to join the NGA coaching staff along with a selection of collegiate coaches at a camp Oct. 7-9 in Tennessee with the goal of developing skills required for collegiate gymnastics and guidance on the recruiting process.

The NGA Developmental Select team consists of the top 20 female and top five male athletes in Levels 5, 6 and 7. These individuals have been identified as showing exceptional talent and potential. They also are invited to join the training camp in Tennessee to work with the NGA national training staff.

From left, NAGA’s Simon Contakos, Harry Bromberg and Joshua Pratt. Photo courtesy of Stacey Contakos

The following are the NAGA results from the nationals:


Level 1

Child A – Gwen Contakos, 8.6 on vault (15th), 8.7 on bars (12th), 8.625 on beam (9th), 8.85 on floor (12th) and 34.775 all-around (13th).

Level 2

Child D – Ariana Underhill, 9.05 on vault (8th), 9.15 on bars (13th), 9.275 on beam (6th), 9.225 on floor (7th) and 36.7 all-around (9th).

NAGA’s Harry Bromberg. Photo by James Gagne


Junior A – Bella Hoffman, 9.1 on vault (9th), 8.85 on bars (14th), 8.8 on beam (15th), 8.4 on floor (15th) and 35.15 all-around (16th).

Level 4

Child D – Hallie Anderson, 9.15 on vault (5th), 7.9 on bars (15th), 8.8 on beam (11th), 9.125 on floor (9th) and 34.975 all-around (12th).

Junior A – Georgia Griffith, 9.125 on vault (9th), 9.0 on bars (13th), 8.5 on beam (16th), 8.6 on floor (16th) and 35.225 all-around (15th).


Child C – Madison Barrows, 9.05 on vault (7th), 9.2 on bars (8th), 8.8 on beam (7th), 9.25 on floor (9th) and 36.3 all-around (7th); Greta Kitchen, 8.65 on vault (14th), 7.5 on bars (17th), 8.7 on beam (10th), 8.775 on floor (14th) and 33.625 all-around (15th).

Senior A – Madelynn Weaver, 9.075 on vault (7th), 8.6 on bars (16th), 8.1 on beam (14th), 8.825 on floor (16th) and 34.6 all-around (15th).

Senior C – Willow Whitworth, 8.725 on vault (15th), 8.85 on bars (7th), 9.35 on beam (1st), 9.175 on floor (6th) and 36.1 all-around (7th).

NAGA’s Gwen Contakos. Photo courtesy of Mikayla GagnonnGinger Photograp

Level 5

Child B – Sophia Schramm, 9.275 on vault (12th), 8.725 on bars (13th), 8.7 on beam (14th), 9.075 on floor (17th) and 35.77 all-around (16th).

Junior B – McKenzie Felter, 9.4 on vault (5th), 9.025 on bars (5th), 7.8 on beam (18th), 9.175 on floor (9th) and 35.4 all-around (11th).

Junior C – Savannah Lepow, 9.15 on vault (10th), 9.65 on bars (11th), 9.4 on beam (3rd), 9.2 on floor (8th) and 36.4 all-around (7th).


Junior B – Maddie Anderson, 8.95 on vault (12th), 9.1 on bars (4th), 8.8 on beam (10th), 8.925 on floor (17th) and 35.775 all-around (12th).

Level 6

Junior C – Maia Andrews, 9.35 on vault (10th), 9.0 on bars (10th), 8.85 on beam (9th), 9.325 on floor (11th) and 36.525 all-around (11th).

Junior D – Samantha Schramm, 9.6 on vault (2nd), 8.775 on bars (8th), 9.05 on beam (6th), 9.625 on floor (2nd) and 37.05 all-around (7th).

NAGA’s Simon Contakos. Photo courtesy of APONTE STUDIOS

Level 7

Senior B – Abby Hise, 8.9 on vault (14th), 7.65 on bars (13th), 8.325 on beam (8th), 9.6 on floor (4th) and 34.475 all-around (10th).

Level 9

Senior – Camden Contakos, 9.1 on vault (3rd), 8.175 on bars (9th), 8.5 on beam (8th), 9.125 on floor (8th) and 34.9 all-around (7th).


Level 2

Age 7-8 – Kristofer Curtis, 7.8 on floor (7th), 8.8 on pommel (6th), 8.8 on rings (7th), 8.8 on vault (7th), 8.6 on parallel bars (7th), 7.8 on high bar (6th) and 50.6 all-around (7th).

Age 9 and older – Jacob Curtis, 9.4 on floor (2nd), 8.4 on pommel (10th), 9.6 on rings (3rd), 9.6 on vault (4th), 9.5 on parallel bars (1st), 9.0 on high bar (5th) and 55.5 all-around (6th).

Level 5

Age 9-11 – Simon Contakos, 11.7 on floor (1st), 9.3 on pommel (4th), 11.8 on rings (2nd), 12.05 on vault (2nd), 12.4 on pommel (1st), 11.3 on high bar (6th) and 68.55 all-around (3rd).

Level 6

All ages – Harry Bromberg, 11.0 on floor (1st), 8.1 on pommel (4th), 11.1 on rings (4th), 10.8 on vault (3rd), 12.1 on parallel bars (2nd), 11.7 on high bar (2nd) and 64.8 all-around (3rd).

Level 8

All ages – Joshua Pratt, 11.1 on floor (2nd), 11.0 on pommel (1st), 12.2 on rings (1st), 11.0 on vault (7th), 12.5 on parallel bars (1st), 11.8 on high bar (2nd) and 69.6 all-around (1st).

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