Last evening, I attended my first Camden Select Board meeting in six years as a commenting citizen.

I went to honor the transfer of power, as Tom Hedstrom and Stephanie French were sworn in as new members of the board.

After the ceremony during the time where citizens of Camden are able to comment on non-agenda items — I had a few things to say.

Congratulations to Tom and Stephanie on their new positions and for their willingness to serve.

A thank you to all the select board members I’ve served with during the past six years.

An appreciation and thank you to all the town employees that work so hard and made my job so much easier.

An acknowledgement of the dedication and hard work — and a big thank you — to all the committee volunteers I’ve worked with during my time on the select board. Just because the select board members are the elected officials in town — doesn’t mean that we’re the sharpest tools in the shed — and the expertise, knowledge, and amount of work that committee members bring to the town with almost no recognition is truly astonishing.

A heartfelt thank you to the all the citizens of Camden for allowing me to serve you for the past half dozen years on the Camden Select Board (and for a bunch of years previous to that on different town committees).

It’s an honor to do public service, which I continue to do as a member of the Coastal Mountain Search & Rescue team — another group of amazing volunteers, that will leave what they’re doing — whether it be home, work or play —on a moment’s notice to rescue someone in need — no matter the time of day or night — in any weather.

I encourage any and all to step up to volunteer whenever you’re able in whatever capacity you can contribute.

An involved citizenry is essential.

My last thought at the meeting was to wish the new select board, “Great wisdom, good luck and wonderful success” in doing the town’s business. I know from experience that it’s a great job, but often an involved, difficult one and there are many challenges facing them currently.

They will need our support.

Marc Ratner