WASHINGTON — On Tuesday, June 14, the Washington Lakes Watershed Association held an Honorary Breakfast for Charlotte Henderson, former board member and president, at the Blueberry Fields B&B.

Past and current WLWA board members, board members from Medomak Brook Connection, and friends, were there to acknowledge Henderson’s contributions, many gifts and ways that set both organizations on a path to persist and make a difference.

Henderson attended her first WLWA meeting in 2011. Her enthusiasm and experience was quickly recognized and she was recruited to join the Board. Charlotte rolled up her sleeves and dug right in. She willingly shared her curiosity and experience to involve the community in the stewardship for the waters of Washington and its watershed. Henderson is an ambassador of education employing the written word as well as in person conversation. Henderson wrote emails, pulled together the WLWA Newsletters, utilized her Washington News column to keep people informed, and arranged guest speakers for public forums.

Jeff Grinnell, WLWA currant president, made remarks pointing out aside from the significant projects and organizational functions and priorities, Henderson always put people at center. It is her gift to our community.

Henderson was presented a MOVA globe, while Grinnell said, “Your WLWA colleagues and the entire Washington community think the world of you and wanted to give you something to remind you of that fact every single day.”

Henderson said, “I’ve always tried to inform people. They don’t have to buy into it. But at least they have been informed of what is going on. It is the people of this town that make it so special. Being with the lakes association, well I have just loved it. The people just seem to get it. They have kept our lakes clean.”

Referring to the alewives program, Hednerson and Medomak Brook Connection’s Sam Chapman told the grassroots history of the reintroduction of alewives to the Medomak River and most recently into Washington Pond. Henderson and Chapman emphasized the importance of an informed local community and community input into projects and the need for them to continue to have a voice at the larger table.