THOMASTON — From the desk of Chrys deLorimier, Pope Memorial Humane society’s development director.

Peanut. Photo courtesy of Pope Memorial Society.

Peanut is a lovely older fella, whose plush proportions make him irresistible. As a senior, Peanut knows what he likes. At 12 years-old and 20 pounds, he is ready for a family who will pamper him. He prefers to be the only cat — he thinks he is plenty kitty for you.

What are the benefits of sharing a home with a senior kitty? For one, they know what they like and you don’t have to guess. Two, much less (if any) curtain climbing. Three, somehow they seem so grateful for the little pleasures. Each head scratch or kitty treat is a big deal, rewarded with long gazes and sometimes even a meow. Lastly, a senior is a reasonable time commitment and an opportunity to give a sweet soul comfort and love in their sunset years.

Eight-year-old Gooney has been adopted-a few times. Her delicate belly and need for potty structure have led her back to the shelter again and again. For the right person, Gooney is definitely worth the extra work. She is simply delightful. Engaging, affectionate, vocal and even accepting of other furry brothers and sisters. Though we would miss her greeting each person, cat, or dog in the shelter, she deserves to have her very own loving family.

Last weekend we were able to say thank you to our Legacy Society members for the first time in over two years. A relaxed Sunday brunch with delicious and creative food by In Good Company brought people together. Some new friendships were formed, and old ones celebrated. If you have included PMHS in your estate planning — or are considering it — reach out to Chrys at

If you are out shopping, we are very low on 33-gallon garbage bags and bleach. The dogs really appreciate the tiniest Milk Bones as treats.