On behalf of myself and my company, Cranesport LLC I would like to say thank you to the Town of Camden for consideration of our project, Camden Tannery Park.

As always, this campaign was a worthwhile journey. From our pandemic zoom info sessions including at the Selectboard & CEDAC, to the farmer’s market, and at our design charrette I got to meet many interesting people and have thought-provoking discussions about the needs of the Town, and people’s priorities regarding housing, economic development, open space (parks), and managing natural resources. I got to know Tom Resek, with whom I developed a friendship (stop by the shop anytime, Tom!), and other abutters who care deeply about the Tannery property.

My thanks also go to the Town’s leadership (staff and boards alike). A lot of work went on behind the scenes to put forth the RFP and generate some options for the Town at the same time staff was pushing forward with the environmental work. I saw this as the leadership trying to balance the opportunity to have the private sector shoulder some of that burden of remediation (as a way of stretching those grand funds to which the Town has access) vs the need to get the work done before this fall.

While I am sorry not to see the tannery incubator and market come to life in Camden, that concept is one that can happen elsewhere if the conditions (in particular location) are right.

I’d like to thank those of you who made the effort to support the project especially those of you who took the time to write letters, engage in online discussion, and talk to your neighbors. Ultimately your voices mean more than anything a developer like myself can say, and it’s just remarkable to see others vocally support what is essentially a private venture that will only support others.

I would also like to thank the opponents of this vote. Although we may have had differences over the merits of the idea (the eco-park), I believe those who engaged in the debate, including campaigning against the project did what they felt was best for the Town.

Thank you and I will see you around.


Michael Mullins
Cranesport, LLC