ROCKLAND — The Maine Department of Transportation wants the city to have the federal government review its traffic calming plan for Pleasant Street.

“What Rockland is proposing is still considered to be experimental, so the city would need to put together an information packet and submit it to the Federal Highway Administration for review and approval,” Maine Department of Transportation spokesman Paul Merrill said in a June 17 email. “MaineDOT did not say no; we told the city to request permission from FHWA. Other municipalities in Maine have done similar treatments; we always advise them of the process involving federal approval. This applies to all roads, whether they be state roads, state-aid roads, or local roads.”

The city plans to stripe the road, from Union Street to Broadway, with dashed white lines to create shoulder lanes on both sides of Pleasant. City Manager Tom Luttrell said he will refer the matter to an engineer.

The goal is for the visual narrowing of the road to encourage motorists to slow down, and persons walking or bicycling would have a clearly marked area of the road to use, the city stated in its news release issued June 8. Motor vehicles could use the advisory shoulders but would have yield to pedestrians and bicyclists.

Signage is to be installed on Pleasant Street to explain the advisory lanes.

“We know this is a new concept and may take some time to get used to so please be patient as we go through this together,” the news release stated. “This is a demonstration project so we encourage your feedback on the success of the traffic calming throughout the summer.”

Rockland also plans to install speed tables on Cedar Street, from Broadway to Old County Road, in an effort to slow vehicle traffic on that street.

City officials have been holding meetings on ways to make the city more pedestrian and bicycle friendly. Residents of Broadway have voiced concern about speeding traffic on that street and pointed out several incidents when cars struck houses on Broadway in the past year or so.