ISLESBORO – Even with high levels of inflation increasing costs for just about all goods and services in the country, the voters of the town of Islesboro passed a budget for Fiscal Year 2023 that was $35,707 lower than the budget approved for FY 2022.

The total town budget approved by residents during the town meeting for FY 2023 was $3,929,602, while the approved budget for FY 2022 was $3,965,309.

Town residents also approved a number of warrant articles dealing with expenses for Islesboro Central School. Town residents approved expending $1,240,581 for regular instruction; $262,466 for special education; $44,969 for career and technical education and $122,582 for other instruction. Town residents also approved $192,523 for total student and staff report, while also approving $155,006 for total system administration. Total school administrative expenses were approved at $210,407.

Residents also approved the total sum of $2,837,840 and authorized the school committee to expend those funds for the total cost of funding education for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2022 to June 30, 2023.

Town voters reelected Lauren Bruce and Phil Seymour to three-year terms on the Select Board, with their terms to expire at the 2025 town meeting. Bruce was unopposed and received 26 votes, with the one write-in vote for an unidentified candidate. Seymour was unopposed and received 35 votes.

Zachariah Conover was elected to a three-year school board term with 76 votes, Natasha Nelson Stevens received 19 votes in the race with one vote out of 96 ballots cast being declared invalid.