ROCKLAND — The Sail, Power and Steam Museum in Rockland held a grand opening of its new Wing on Wing Boathouse Saturday, June 18. The grand opening included an open house with free admission and tours of the museum and musical guests Gabriel Donohue and Friends.

The boathouse will feature historic boats and more of the museum’s ever-growing collection, plus events.

The Sail, Power and Steam Museum is the culmination of Capt. Jim Sharp’s love affair with ships and the sea. “I’m an addict,” Capt. Sharp jokes. Sharp and his wife Meg purchased the property in 2007 to house and properly showcase the artifacts Sharp collected during his time working on various ships and boats.

As it turned out, the property they purchased was the former site of Snow Shipyard, a major ship builder during its operation. This has also led to the finding of artifacts on the property, including a working steam engine which Sharp rescued and restored. This engine can now be viewed in action in the Steam Engine Room.

Sharp said he had no idea the museum would be this big when he started it. He thought it would be a place for him to sit back and put his feet up, he said. Instead, Sharp said, he has not stopped working since the museum opened.

The museum is open from 10 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Wednesday to Saturday from May to October for tours.

The museum also offers day sails on their historic ships, including Friendship Sloops Blackjack and Persistence, and visitors can schedule sailing lessons for a variety of ability levels.

Music lovers will find a Sunday music jam inside the museum, and a variety of live concerts in the summers.

The new Wing on Wing Boathouse addition to the Sail Power and Steam Museum in Rockland. Photo by Christine Simmonds