ROCKLAND — Despite “brutal” weather conditions for the final round of the annual Seacoast Security Golf Classic on Sunday, June 19, competitors persevered, especially one incredibly talented golfer, who, over the years, has been no stranger to playing well in the most physically and mentally demanding situations.

Three days and 54 holes of the eighth tourney are in the books and a familiar name — five-time champion Ricky Jones — sat in the cat’s-bird seat after the 40-plus competitors teed it up for the final round at the rain-soaked, cold and wind-swept Rockland Golf Course.

And to add excitement to the event, one golfer — namely, Kelley Macomber — recorded the first hole-in-one in tourney history in the first round of the three-day event.

Adrian Morgan. Photo by Ken Waltz

Jones (overall champion), Jon Hardy (A Flight gross), Adrian Morgan (A Flight net), Randy Mast (B Flight gross), John Grose (B Flight net), Tom Rowe (C Flight gross) and Steve Dailey (C Flight net) swung to firsts in three-course, three-day, 54-hole stroke play event.

This year’s amateur stroke-play event, which began and 2013 (and skipped 2020 due to pandemic), was contested at the Sheepscot Links Golf Club in Whitefield (Friday), Goose River Golf Club in Rockport (Saturday) and Rockland Golf Club (Sunday).

Rockland is a par-70 layout, Goose River par-72 and Sheepscot Links par-72. Goose River and Sheepscot Links are nine-hole layouts with different tees to create 18 holes. Rockland has 18 separate holes. Two of the courses are located in Knox County and one in Lincoln County.

Adam Lynch. Photo by Ken Waltz

Macomber aced the 138-yard, par-3 second hole at Sheepscot Links on Friday.

Golfers dealt with a little wind and rain on Friday and cooler temperatures on Saturday, followed by lots of rain, wind, cold and difficult conditions on Sunday.

Jones said he was pleased to again win the tourney. In fact, he has finished first all but once when he has played in the tourney.

“Overall, the Seacoast is a nice tournament at the beginning of the summer to judge which parts of my game need work for the upcoming season,” said Jones, who is a multi-time Maine Amateur champion and has played in and won tournaments all over New England (he also has qualified and played in the U.S. Amateur in the past). “The prior weekend, I finished third in the Downeast Metro at Bangor [Municipal] and Kebo [Valley] and knew my short game is not where I would like it to be. My handicap also tells me that since it has gone up three strokes so far this year.

Ricky Jones, left, and Robert Carter. Photo courtesy of Robert Carter/Paula Sutton

“The three courses for the Seacoast really put an emphasis on your short game, especially the small size and complexity of the greens at Sheepscot and Goose. I did have some good stretches, but also some rough patches throughout the tournament, but the weather conditions were the biggest factors on Saturday and Sunday. The strong winds at Goose on Saturday made it very difficult to hit the greens in regulation, which put that much more emphasis on your short game. Sunday, the rain, wind and cold made conditions tough especially on the back nine.

“Overall, the three courses were in great shape, and it was nice to get out and play golf in a tournament environment for three days.”

The tourney teed off with more than 40 participants, including a handful of the Midcoast’s most talented amateurs, in the three-day, three-course, 54-hole event Friday through Sunday, June 17-19.

Peter Smith. Photo by Ken Waltz

The top gross/net winners in each flight were (see complete results below):

Overall champion — Ricky Jones, 225.

A Flight — Jon Hardy, first gross 233; James Anderson, second gross 239; Adam Lynch, third gross 244; Adrian Morgan, first net 237/225; Jamie Boutin, second net 242/232; and Peter Lynch, third net 248/235. Adam and Peter Lynch are son and father.

B Flight — Randy Mast, first gross 244; Shane Grindle, second gross 245; Charles “Chum” Berry, third gross 254; John Grose, first net 265/220; Mike Schroeder, second net 258/226; and Jorge Leon, third net 276/228.

C Flight — Tom Rowe, first gross 266; Paul Lombardo, second gross 284; Mark McGuirl, third gross 290; Steve Dailey, first net 282/228; Mark Anderson, second net 295/234; and Rick Erikson, third net 295/236.

Robert “Bob” Carter again directed and nutured the event, which supports animal refuge leagues in Knox County and again held a 50/50 raffle to support junior golf, in honor of Theodore Hedstrom, a young area athlete who lost his life in a house fire in Camden in recent years.

A banquet/awards ceremony was held on Sunday afternoon, following the tourney, at Mulligan’s Pub at RGC.

Carter said the tourney provides donations to Pope Memorial Humane Society in Thomaston and P.A.W.S. Animal Adoption Center in Camden. Both organizations received $500.

A 50/50 raffle also was held and the proceeds ($300) were donated to The First Tee of Midcoast Maine in honor of Theodore Hedstrom, a teenager student-athlete, and avid golfer.

Carter also recognized the event’s sponsors and donors, including primary sponsor Seacoast Security and the Haynes family. Donations to the event were made from Bisson Moving and Storage, Colby and Gale, Val Halla Golf Club, Maine State Golf Association-Brian Bickford and Mulligan’s Pub. Carter also said the event received support from Leon Oliver, Alex Plummer, Keenan Flanagan and Mulligan’s Pub at the three courses.

Jamie Boutin. Photo by Ken Waltz

In 2021, Jones finished first and James Anderson second.

The tourney tests the mettle and skill of the golfers, including an always-strong group of those 60-and-older, on a trio of distinctly different courses over three days — usually in a myriad of conditions, from wind to rain to idyllic early-summer weather.

James Anderson. Photo by Ken Waltz

In last year’s 60-plus-golfer field, Jones led Hardy by three shots and James Anderson by four heading into the final round on Sunday at RGC, where Jones holds the course record at 60 for 18 holes.

So catching Jones on a perfect day, with perfect conditions on a course he knows like the back of his hand was, well, too tall a task for the others.

Jones finished 71-78-71—220 for first, while James Anderson ended six shots back at 73-80-73—226 to earn the runner-up spot.

Peter Lynch. Photo by Ken Waltz

In A Flight, Jones finished first gross; James Anderson, second gross; Hardy, third gross (matching cards with Adam Lynch); Kyle Weaver, first net; Dan Dalfonso, second net; and Paul Schelble, third net.

In B Flight, Berry finished first gross; Dana White, second gross; Lincoln Page, third gross; Isaac Brower, first net; Dylan Morong, second net; and Schroeder, third net.

In C Flight, Dan Umphrey finished first gross; Macomber, second gross; Harvey Wheeler, third gross; Roger Wickenden, first net; Bill McCalmon, second net; and Leon, third net.

Randy Mast. Photo by Ken Waltz

In D Flight, Dailey finished first gross; McGuirl, second gross; Henry Garretson, third gross (matching cards); Erikson, first net; Mike Weatherwax, second net (matching cards); and Paul Lombardo, third net (matching cards).

Golfers enjoyed solid weather conditions on Friday, with heavier wind in the afternoon. On Saturday, however, the morning groups had to deal with heavy rain for a period of time, which certainly adversely affected their scores, before the day turned beautiful. Sunday’s weather was idyllic.

In the end, the tourney returned in a significant way for the summer of 2021, with 61 participants, including two multi-time champions and several family members.

Jon Hardy. Photo by Ken Waltz

The 2020 event was canceled due to COVID-19.

Golfers in each flight played three 18-hole rounds over three days on three courses, as opposed to the prepandemic tourney play of 36 holes over two days and two courses.

Tee times on the nine-hole courses were staggered in two slots — early and late morning. At RGC, times start and end in the early morning.

Paul Schelble. Photo by Ken Waltz

Previously, the event was held six years as a two-day, 36-hole event at Goose River and Rockland before the pandemic sidelined the tourney.

The tournament is open to golfers from any club and area.

Ricky Jones. Photo by Ken Waltz

The entry fee was $125 for three rounds of golf and banquet. Cart fees are not included. There also is separate, individual action at each course for each round.

In 2019, Anderson of RGC used his impressive all-around game to work through the difficult conditions and finish first gross overall 79-71 —150. He bested Chip Allen, a former champion, who was second at 78-73—151, by a stroke.

For more information, email Carter at

The complete results for the 2020 tourney, with overall gross and net score at end, were:

A Flight — Ricky Jones, 73-80-72—225 (224); Jon Hardy, 73-85-75—233 (226); Adrian Morgan, 77-82-78— 238 (225); James Anderson, 77-88-74—239 (238); Jamie Boutin, 76-90-76—242 (232); Adam Lynch, 77-89-78—244 (241); Peter Lynch, 84-86-78—248 (235); Paul Schelble, 88-85-75—248 (238); and Adam Wilcox, 82-92-81—255 (245).

B Flight — Randy Mast, 83-81-80—244 (220); Shane Grindle, 83-80-82—245 (224); Charles “Chum” Berry, 90-79-85—254 (242); Mike Schroeder, 89-82-87—258 (226); Lincoln Page, 86-89-83—258 (234); Kerin Resch, 92-87-85—264 (234); John Grose, 85-93-87—265 (220); Mike Bonzagni, 86-89-92—267 (231); Bill Willis, 89-93-88—270 (246); Richard MacDonald, 92-88-91—271 (244); Stan Sproul, 82-97-95—274 (236); Mark Manzi, 93-91-91—275 (245); Jorge Leon, 92-93-91—276 (228); Dante Ravelli, 92-94-90—276 (229); William Greet, 85-99-93—277 (251); Andy Arey, 94-93-91—278 (248); Matt McKeon, 95-98-88—281 (231); Nate Fowles, 87-104-94—285; Tim Foley, 96-99-94—289 (258); Matt Eldridge, 93-102-95—290 (250); Craig Stevens, 95-99-96—290 (264); Kelley Macomber, 106-102-95—303 (230); and Armand Lesmerises, 97-no score-88—no score.

C Flight — Tom Rowe, 88-85-93—266 (218); Steve Dailey, 93-96-93—282 (228); Paul Lombardo, 95-92-97—284 (238); Mark McGuirl, 98-94-98—290 (250); Mike Weatherwax, 103-93-97—293 (239); Mark Anderson, 88-111-96—295 (234); Rick Erikson, 94-107-94—295 (236); Warren Marshall, 101-102-94—297 (242); Henry Garretson, 109-100-96—305 (238); Peter Smith, 92-114-104—310 (264); Dean Sasek, 109-98-96—313 (248); Keith Sproul, 101-105-110—316 (257); and Paul Quijano, 104-106-112—322 (264).