APPLETON — Voters re-elected Select Board Vice Chair Peter Beckett with 203 votes.

Beckett fended off a challenge from longtime former Select Board Chair Donald Burke, who received 171 votes.

In a four-way race for two school board seats, residents elected Emily Garrigan with 210 votes and Carly Kincaid with 170 votes, defeating Victoria Bucklin with 141 votes and Jessica Whitworth with 118.

Appleton saw a record turnout for annual town meeting, with 404 voters. A majority supported continuing town meeting by secret ballot referendum and favored budgets for the CSD and Appleton
Village School.

The closest Article involved returning 17 of approximatly 298 acres of town-owned woodlots to residential use through sale by a licensed real estate broker. The land, along W. Appleton Road, had been acquired through non-payment of taxes in 1968, as noted in the last forestry report dated 2001. The land was estimated to have been harvested some 40 years prior, according to the same 2001 report

Details are available at

Voters also approved harvesting this lot, as well as the Lamont Lot on Collinstown Road.

Clerk-certified results can be found on the town website here.