UNION — Voters in Union finally determined the future of the Thompson Community Center after a lengthy journey.

The town will retain ownership of the Thompson Community Center and undertake all renovations, repairs and operating expenses. This option won with 205 votes. The town reported 607 ballots cast.

The town was left responsible for the maintenance and future of the building in January after the nonprofit which had been operating the TCC informed the town they would be breaking the lease and vacating the building.

The town quickly formed a nonprofit and entered into a management agreement to operate the building until voters could determine the long-term future at this election.

This warrant article also authorized the board to appropriate and spend funds on the building. The Committee for the Future of the Thompson Community Center estimated the immediate needs of the building would cost between $285,500 and $465,500.

The committee estimated future needs at $3,000,000, though that amount was not approved in this article. They also estimated possible income after renovations from rental income or grants at between $100,000 to $165,000.

The option to sell or lease the community center for senior housing received 160 votes. The outright sale of the building received 105 votes. Selling the property to a rehabilitation or renovation group received 87 votes. Demolishing the building received 40 votes.

Voters also passed the end of open town meeting. This means starting June 2023 all annual town meeting votes will be held by referendum ballot, with polls open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. There will still be public hearings on ballot items.

This article passed with 415 yes votes and 152 no votes.

Also passed was the donation of land located known as Clark Field to the town from the William Pullen Trustees. This item passed with 474 in favor and 118 against.

This parcel of land was purchased by the William Pullen Trustees and was donated to the town at no taxpayer cost. All gifts and donations to the town must be accepted by voters.

Open town meeting will be held at the William Pullen Meeting Room Tuesday, June 21, at 7 p.m.

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