CUSHING — The Cushing Historical Society presents Castlebay for an afternoon concert Sunday, June 26, at 4 p.m. at the historic South Cushing Church, 15 Lower Cross Road. Donations requested.

Since 1986, Castlebay has been weaving together Maine’s nautical and British Isles legacies, transporting their audience through time and across the Atlantic. Julia Lane and Fred Gosbee have loved and researched traditional music for most of their lives and blend history, legend and experience into their personable performances. Finely crafted ballads with evocative imagery and beautiful melodies depict Maine characters, history, and life close to the elemental beauty of the sea and shore. Rich and exuberant renditions of traditional and original songs are supported with Celtic harp, 12-string guitar, fiddle and woodwinds.

South Cushing Church