ROCKLAND — Six businesses opted to lease parking spaces as a way to serve customers outside in the city.

Liberator Brewing Company, Sammy’s Deluxe, North Beacon Oyster, Cafe Miranda, Luce Spirits and Clan MacLaren reached agreements with the city, City Manager Tom Luttrell said.

The City Council met over the winter to discuss having a standard fee system for restaurants that wanted to use public space. The city set the price at $4 per square foot. Two spaces amount to about $864 per season which ends Oct. 31. The city first offered spaces outside for free when the pandemic began and restaurants were not able to serve as many customers inside.

The manager said the city hopes to fully reopen the Oak Street parking lot. Cafe Miranda is leasing two parking spaces by its restaurant. The remainder of Oak Street heading east to Main Street is closed to vehicle traffic but is a public space for people to gather.

Oak Street in Rockland. Photo by Stephen Betts