ROCKPORT — The future of the Rockport Elementary School site could include a public green space, a pavilion, 84 residential units and two commercial business buildings along Route 1, according to a concept design presented June 8 at the Opera House.

Representatives of NewHeight Group presented that vision to a small gathering of residents. The firm arrived at the concept after conducting a survey and discussions with residents in the town who expressed a strong interest in green spaces and a need for affordable worker housing.

Residents in attendance were given an opportunity to make comments and ask questions. Several expressed concerns that the plan involved too much development to match the small village character of Rockport.

It was noted that this is located at a busy intersection of West Street, Route 1 and Route 90.

Others supported the design, saying that increased density is good for the environment and there is a need for affordable housing.

The presentation offered a big picture, but many specifics remain to be ironed out. The cost and architectural elements of the housing and other buildings has yet to be determined.

The plan includes space for an outdoor pavilion that could be used for such activities as Yoga classes, outdoor meeting space, and ice skating in the winter. The plan calls for 147 parking spaces. There would be 17 parallel parking spaces along West Street, which would not widen the road.

Concept art presented for the RES site by NewHeight Group.

At least one anchor tenant would need to be found to occupy a commercial business building along Route 1 before such a building would be constructed. Businesses that might make sense there include medical offices, incubators, brew pubs or markets, according to the presenters.

The town would have to maintain the park space, but residents of the development might participate in the cost of upkeep. Members of the public expressed concerns that the green space would only serve those who live there, and one speaker argued the town already has parks it does not properly maintain.

An example of potential public art presented by NewHeight Group.

The concept is in the early stages of discussion. It would need public support and changes to zoning and the Comprehensive Plan. In addition, developers would have to be found interested in carrying out the projects.

The Shotwell Drive-In would likely relocate before the site is developed.

The concept also included spaces for public art including near the Route 90 intersection and examples from other communities were offered.

The RES site in Rockport as seen in a photo presented by NewHeight Group.