Select Board members are Overseers of the Poor. It is our duty to run Hope as efficiently as possible. My job is to look out for you.

Taxes are so high in Hope because we spend too much on roads. The Town of Washington spends less than we do but does twice as much road work. So, if we change, we can cut our taxes by 10%.

Our problem is that we rent road equipment for extremely high hourly rates when we have a long-term obligation to maintain and plow our roads. If you needed a car for ten years, would you rent it by the hour? We’re doing the equivalent of that, which is why owning our own equipment makes more sense.

The math is simple: switching from renting to buying equipment is good for taxpayers. But in order to save the town money and reduce your taxes, I need your support. Any attacks made against me are designed to deflect your attention away from the money we are wasting on roads.

Vote for those who will work to save you money. If you trust that I have our town’s and our taxpayers’ best interest at heart, then vote for me. While the ballot says “vote for two” my chances of winning are better if you vote only for me.

Thank you!

Bruce Hafner